It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from its government.
— Thomas Paine

We live in an age of increasing awareness of the tension between our government and its people. Every year the number of deaths and serious injuries at the hands of the police increase, and with the advent of cell phone cameras and social media, these disturbing and often horrific events have come to the forefront of our national dialogue, and have forced us to re-examine what kind of country we want to live in. No one expects to be the victim of police violence. No one expects to lose a child or a loved one at the hands of the very people who have sworn to uphold their rights. But today in America an average of four people every day are killed by the police. The number of those seriously injured or disabled by law enforcement is impossible to measure.


Our law firm fights to protect the rights of all Americans by fighting for the rights of the individual. It is only by standing against the rising tide of police violence that we can hope to make a difference in our communities for the better, and this happens one case at a time. For the last many years, our firm has dedicated itself to standing between the power of the state and the rights of our clients, and we have discharged our responsibilities as lawyers and as patriots with uncompromising compassion and expertise.

We have obtained several of the largest police misconduct settlements in Northern California, and in 2019 won the largest jury verdict ever against a Sonoma County police department. But the greatest measure of our success has been the lives we have changed along the way. More than half of our firm’s civil rights cases have resulted in policies and practices being changed by law enforcement agencies as a direct result of the litigation we have brought. These are our greatest accomplishments.

If you or someone you know has been hurt by the police, we’re here to help.